Saturday, September 8, 2012

You Are...

You are the grass beneath my feet
And the sky above my head.
You are the feelings I keep inside
But also the ones I show instead.

You are everywhere I look
And everything I see
You are what I want to remember
And everything I want to be.

You are Dad's laughter
You are Isabel's smile
You are my happiness
You make this journey worth my while.

You are the tornado in my soul
And my mother's tears
You are the way Amy Ray's voices makes me feel.
You are my Kid Fears.

Every whisper, every emotion
Every love, every thought
You are in everything I am
For you are my God.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Past

It's essential,
Letting go.
What good is it to hold onto the past anyway?
It never helped you.
It was never there for you.
Full of your demons, of what you hid in your closet of secrets.
Like a dam, ready to burst
The past can pour right back into you.
Haunting you, a ghost of your own rash decisions and choices.
Run away from it.
Leave it behind.
Don't forget it, but make it forget you.
Because maybe, just maybe,
If life had gone differently,
You wouldn't have needed to be there in the first place.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Where I'm From

I'm from the woods in my backyard
A house overflowing with children 
Five acres of hills and trees.

I'm from vintage music posters
Hanging on the watermelon colored walls
Books stacked everywhere imaginable
And an enormous green clock hanging 
Above my dad's office; a symbol of 
His impeckable sense of time. 

I'm from my mother, the most
Beautiful woman I know. My father, one of my best friends.
I'm from my sister, the person I can share everything with. 

I'm from traveling to Ohio for
Thanksgiving, and from staying in pajamas all of Christmas day.
I'm from quoting movies, being well-read, and music.

I'm from Roman Catholicism
I'm from respecting others, myself, and above all, God. 
I'm from learning to be open-minded.

I'm from nights of driving around town
Blasting music with my best friend and sister
Hanging out in local coffee shops 
And working as a tour guide for three years.

I'm from learning that broken hearts can always heal
No matter how impossible it seems.
I'm from overcoming my own wall; a wall of sadness
And overcoming self-harming, self-hating habits.

I'm from learning that everyone has a purpose
No matter how insignificant you feel. 
I'm from learning that you are loved.

I'm from Nena's apple trees and Papa's words of faith
I'm from Grandpa's guiar playing and talking about books and movies with Grandma.

I'm from taking pride in being my own person
I'm from finding my own style. 

I'm from sweltering summers
Fall colors and bonfires
And rainy springs.

I'm from choir
Dancing and singing
I'm from learning that music is one of the most positive outlets there are. 

I'm from Ohio.
I'm from Virginia.

I'm from the place that shaped and molded me, the best place I could have ever asked for.